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Ted took my hand and pulled me up so he could lie down on the bed.

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He handed me a tube of KY and smiled. Awkwardly I squirted a line of lubricant over his erect penis. The KY was sliding off the side so I used my fingers to catch it and rub it along the length of his shaft. His penis jumped as he felt my touch. He told me that was enough and pulled me over. I straddled him and slowly lowered my vagina over his penis. Jolts of electricity ran through my body when I felt his penis touch my vagina.

The disgust I had felt earlier had disappeared when Ted took hold of my waist and pulled me forward, his penis sliding between my vulva. The KY mixed with my own lubrication allowed me to glide back and forth of the length of his penis. It felt good. My disgust had turned into guilt. I looked to my right and saw myself in the mirror. I watched my naked body reacting to Ted's penis as I slid back and forth.

My back was arched and my pelvis was tilting back and forth. My nipples were hard and my mouth was open as I panted with pleasure. I felt sick. The door was open and I imagined Mike walking in — how could I explain what I was doing?


I felt myself getting closer and closer to climax. When I am with Mike I always have to concentrate to climax. I leaned forward and put my hands on Ted's shoulders I looked down at him and felt so guilty I closed my eyes and pretended it wasn't happening. Just as I did Ted let go of my waist forcing me to propel myself back and forth over his penis. Ted began massaging my breasts and feeling his hands kneed them caused me to open my eyes.

It felt so good I came. He could tell I was having an orgasm and gave me a cocky smile. When he slid me back I could feel the tip pressing against my vagina. If I tilted my pelvis he would have slid right into my lubricated vagina. I moaned as the tip passed across my vagina and he did it again and again.

The more I tilted my pelvis the more pressure his penis exerted on me, the trick was not tilting it too far. I could tell Ted was enjoying this little game as he seemed closer and closer to having his own orgasm. Just as his penis was pressing against me once more he let go of my waist and pulled me down, my arms pinned between his chest and my body. We were face to face while his penis was still pinned against my vagina.

His breath was hot as he told me he wasn't ready to cum.

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He lifted his head and kissed me. He asked me to kiss him back. I relaxed my neck and gave into him and began kissing him back. His penis was still positioned perfectly against my vagina.

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  • My vulva was wrapped around the head of his penis and I caught myself tilting my pelvis fully so that if he pressed any harder it would slide inside of me without any problem. Ted began pulsing his hips back and forth slightly, the head of his penis teasing me as we kissed. I spread my legs making it even easier for him to enter me.

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    I closed my eyes and began hoping he would force his penis inside of me. Then I felt it. It felt like he had slipped inside of me, but I knew he hadn't moved. I stopped kissing him and tried to push away, but he held me firm. He was ejaculating and his semen was shooting inside of me.

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    I told him he had to stop. I reminded him that Mike had a vasectomy and that I wasn't on the pill. As I struggled the tip of his penis pressed slightly farther inside of me so I froze. When Ted had finished cumming he let me go and I stood up on my knees and watched as his semen began leaking out of my vagina. Suddenly I decided I needed to get out.

    I jumped up and got dressed and escaped to my car. I couldn't go home as I felt Ted's semen leaking out of me as I drove. I headed to the gym to take a shower.

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    • I stood in the shower for almost 30 minutes just thinking about what had just happened. I had let my boss cum inside of me after insisted we couldn't have intercourse — so much for safe non-sex. I felt sick to my stomach. After I got home Mike wanted to have sex and I didn't feel much like denying him tonight.

      It didn't take him long to climb on top of me and begin to fuck me. I closed my eyes and all I could imagine was Ted's penis inside of me.

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      Once Mike was done I felt sick again and rolled over and tried to go to sleep. That is a huge relief which soon turns to despair when Jeff corners her on Monday in the office. Jeff has pictures and video, he could get her fired and show her family. Trapped, Alice goes along with his twisted plan which ends up being much more fun than she imagined!

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      This steamy story is over words long and contains blackmail, a reluctant girl, and a devious boss. Then I had some time to think. Alice was at a loss for words. Alice shook her head, tears sprang to her eyes. They expect him to clean up after this other gardener has been in though. For Free. They couldn't possibly afford the charge for it to be taken away. This coming from a couple who have 7 houses across the world. The current one on sale for 5. They had to give up their one in London though.

      They couldn't afford the upkeep So they blackmailed my Mum into staying on as their cleaner with the threat of losing her Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday incomes once they tell their friends these viscous lies about her. I know that these other couples wouldn't drop her on the count of the Smiths say so, they have their own minds and they're not exactly the best of friends that they used to be 30 years ago, but it scared my Mum enough to tell them she would stay on until September and now she's about to get in touch with her newest customer and let her know that she can't take her on.

      What makes it worse is that the Smiths are lawyers! Retired ones, but they reduced my Mum to tears over what was supposed to be a simple conversation of handing in her notice and refused to pay her today's wages since they spent most of the time lecturing blackmailing her into staying on. Honestly, I think 6 weeks notice was way more than fair. More than enough time for them to find another cleaner with less than a month before they move anyway. They probably won't even need one while they're trying to move everything they've hoarded out and the estate agent they've hired has their own contract cleaners in order to photograph rooms to try and show potential buyers that there is in fact a room behind all this junk I've convinced my Mum to put the call in to these other customers before Mrs Smith has the chance to do it herself, but knowing my Mum she'll end up working until September for them and continue to take their crap in the meantime.

      They've never been nice to her, so it's not that much of a surprise that they wouldn't be now. But Blackmailing an employee that you're letting go anyway seems very Oh my gosh!! Your poor mom!!