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Williamson, the Pelicans' rookie forward who has had everyone in the city anticipating a basketball season like never before, is going to miss the start of the season with a right knee injury.

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But he'll miss a few games, zapping some of the electricity out of the Smoothie King Center next Friday for the Pelicans' home opener against the Dallas Mavericks. Williamson's absence also takes some of the luster out of Tuesday's season opener on the road against the reigning NBA champion Toronto Raptors.

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Heck, if the folks at TNT had known Williamson wasn't going to be able to play, this game wouldn't have been picked for the national broadcast. Hours after the Williamson news came out, the Saints delivered another blow to the city's sports fans, although this one should have been expected. Kamara, the Saints' third-year running back, is listed as out for Sunday's game against the Chicago Bears.

Kamara didn't practice all week after tweaking his ankle and then his knee in last week's victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars. Brees, of course, has been sidelined since injuring his thumb five weeks ago in a game against the Los Angeles Rams. Typically, this triple whammy of injuries to the city's biggest superstars would be reason for doom and gloom.

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And if Williamson and Kamara had suffered their injuries back when Brees banged his hand into the hand of Rams defensive lineman Aaron Donald, folks would have plenty of reason to be concerned. The Saints have done the unthinkable in Brees' absence, reeling off four consecutive wins during their toughest stretch of the season. So that should help shine a ray of sunshine under those clouds that hovered over the New Orleans Saints and Pelicans practice facility on Friday in Metairie.

The Saints have gone without Brees during a stretch when many including myself thought they'd be doing well to just go So in essence, they have bought themselves a little cushion for Kamara to rest and get fully healthy instead of rushing him back too soon. Same goes for Brees, though Sean Payton said the team doesn't factor recent success into how soon players come back. That would give both of them an extra week of recovery time. ZIKV RNA has been detected in semen, by reverse-transcriptase—polymerase-chain-reaction assay, up to days after onset of illness, but the shedding of infective viral particles is rare after 30 days from the onset of illness.

Although alterations in semen and sperm quality have been observed in men with ZIKV infection, an adverse effect on male fertility has not been shown.

Maternal-fetal transmission of ZIKV may occur in all trimesters of pregnancy, whether infection in the mother is symptomatic or asymptomatic. Vertical transmission has been estimated to occur in 26 percent of fetuses of ZIKV-infected mothers in French Guiana, a percentage similar to transmission percentages that have been observed for other congenital infections.

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Among fetuses that were exposed to ZIKV by vertical transmission, the fetal loss occurred in 14 percent and severe complications compatible with congenital Zika syndrome occurred in 21 percent. In addition, 45 percent of the fetuses that were exposed to ZIKV by vertical transmission had no signs or symptoms of congenital Zika syndrome in the first week of life. Although infective ZIKV particles have been detected in breast milk, a milk-borne transmission has not been confirmed as a mode of transmission.

As became evident early in the microcephaly epidemic, ZIKV causes a spectrum of fetal and birth defects that extends beyond microcephaly and is distinct from other congenital infections in that its pathologic manifestations are restricted primarily to the central nervous system.

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Although these anomalies are seen in other congenital infections, they appear to be more frequently associated with congenital Zika syndrome. Newborns of women infected with ZIKV during pregnancy have a 5 to 14 percent risk of congenital Zika syndrome and a 4 to 6 percent risk of ZIKA-associated microcephaly. A study involving pregnant women from Rio de Janeiro used a broader definition for ZIKV-associated outcomes and identified adverse outcomes in 42 percent of fetuses and infants exposed to the virus. Thompson of the U. District Court for the Middle District of Alabama issued a preliminary injunction blocking a law passed earlier this year that would ban abortion at all stages of pregnancy, with no exceptions for rape or incest.

They were part of a strategy by abortion opponents to pass legislation running directly counter to Roe v. And that strategy is about to face a big test: Earlier this month, the Supreme Court announced it would hear a case concerning a Louisiana law requiring abortion providers to have admitting privileges at a local hospital. Depending on what the justices decide, the case could give states across the country the green light to pass stricter and stricter restrictions on clinics, forcing them to close and making abortion impossible to access — even if the procedure remains technically legal.

The injunction against the Alabama ban is temporary and the legal challenges to laws in other states are also in progress. And, of course, no one except the nine justices knows exactly what the Supreme Court will do. The law blocked in Alabama would have banned abortion at all stages of pregnancy, with no exceptions for rape or incest. Without the injunction, the law was scheduled to take effect on November The Alabama law was the most restrictive to pass this year. They typically call the laws six-week bans instead. Whatever the terminology, the laws effectively ban abortion before most people know they are pregnant and would function as near-total bans on the procedure.

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The laws began sweeping the country last year, with Iowa passing one in May Many of these laws were explicitly crafted as challenges to Roe v. Their sponsors knew they would face legal challenges and hoped the case would make it all the way up to the Supreme Court, where the justices would use it to overturn Roe. One part of the strategy worked: The laws have all faced legal challenges. But some doubt whether the laws will ever make it to the Supreme Court.