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With a protected lagoon that offers 24 hours a day of deep-water swimming, this environment is perfect for splashing about and snorkeling. The water teems with an abundant variety of colorful fish. On their Cook Islands Luxury Beach Getaway, the couple enjoyed a private airport transfer to the resort and were treated to a glass of bubbles on arrival. They indulged in 5 fabulous nights of beach paradise, enjoying the pristine white sand beach, large outdoor pool, relaxing spa treatments, and complimentary ocean adventures like snorkeling and kayaking at their leisure.

The tranquil atmosphere and stunning natural beauty all around them allowed them to escape from everyday cares and simply enjoy their fabulous island setting. They also took an Island Discovery Tour and were treated to an evening of cultural entertainment over a delicious dinner. This package does not include international airfare. This package is designed as an add-on to an Australia or New Zealand vacation and cannot be booked on its own.

Day 1 Welcome to the Cook Islands!

14 Day Package from Sydney to Queenstown

This hidden gem of the South Pacific offers the ultimate beach getaway. Upon arrival to the island of Rarotonga, enjoy a private transfer to the luxurious Little Polynesian Resort, your home for the next 6 nights. Little Polynesian Resort.

17 Day Package from Sydney to Auckland

Day 2 — 6 Your stay at Little Polynesian Resort is entirely at your leisure. Take a dip in the outdoor pool and soak up your fabulous natural surroundings, including pristine white sand beaches and stunning ocean views. Day 7 Today marks the end of your unforgettable Cook Islands getaway. What Goals?

Ok, yeah, I get it. Life happened. Kids, spouse, friends, parents, bosses-the list of people who distract us from our goals goes on and on. You've spent time going to chapter meetings and writing conferences, not to mention your other volunteer activities either for school or the community. It's a wonder you had time to do any writing at all.

Mick Jagger Deep Down Under - Live in Australia 1988

Maybe part of the problem is you set unrealistic goals. No, that's not to say you shouldn't set goals, but maybe not quite so lofty ones. Maybe you set yourself up to fail way back in January. So since that's what apparently happened, you probably should just sit back and read some more books and start writing again in , right?

There's still three months left in this year and even though the three coming up are usually some of the busiest, you could get moving and writing and reach a smaller goal. By the end of October you could be back in the game. Find the hour or the minute or even minute blocks of time to write. October is a fantastic time to start again. If you have kids and they are school age, last month you gleefully uttered the most wonderful four words in the world: "summer-vacation-is-over".

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All the excuses you had all summer of kids needing you are now gone. The weather is cooler. No matter where in the country you are, it's cooler in October than it was in July or August. No sweating over the keyboard, no summer sunshine pulling you outside, no pool waiting for you to float. All the warm weather excuses that pull you away from writing have disappeared. The holidays are coming but they aren't quite here. You don't even need to buy the turkey yet.

October is a free month. The only holiday is Halloween and honestly, how much time does it take to buy some bags of candy and get ready? Even if you have to costume the kids, it can't take that long. October is a perfect month of settling in and getting a book started. Set a goal, any goal. So set a goal, any goal, but set one. Can you do a chapter by the end of the month? Can you maybe do three chapters by the end of the year? Three chapters is a partial. That's enough for a contest entry. That's enough to give to your critique group and ask their thoughts.

Three chapters is a really good start at your writing goals. Someone once said if you write only one page a day, you'd have a book written in a year. So if you write one page a day from October 1 to December 31, you'd have a third of your book done. It's never too late. It's never too late to rejuvenate your New Year's goals. Remember next year, don't set your writing goals so high you can't possibly ever meet them or we'll be back here together next October talking about how to pull it off before the end of The last quarter of the year is upon us and if you're anything like me, your Muse is on permanent vay-cay, your laptop is doubling as a paperweight, and the call of the bookstore is stronger than the call of the book you're writing.

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Not to worry, I've got a few tried-and-true methods of kicking that flagging Muse in her tochas and making the most of the last few months of the year. Watch a couple. See if there's anything you'd change.

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  • Can't believe they reinvented The Bionic Woman? How would you do it? What if your character had a cybernetic implant that enabled her to read minds? What if she had super strong legs and accidentally unmanned her date while orgasming and squeezing too hard? Imagine the possibilities. Go see a movie Fall also brings us the end of summer blockbusters, the first Oscar contenders, and the start of previews for upcoming holiday movies. Having trouble concentrating? Can't think? Character angst becoming an issue? No problem.

    Go see the dumbest movie with the most laughs you can find.

    An Odyssey Down Under: Australia & New Zealand | Road Scholar

    Nothing available at the cinema? Netflix, baby! People watch So you're sitting in your favorite local coffeehouse munching on a poppyseed bagel with cream cheese and drinking the perfect hot chocolate when a woman wearing the most fabulous gown strolls in. Her make-up might not have made it to the morning hours, but her permanent smile did.

    What did she do last night? Who did she do last night? Why is she alone in the coffee shop at in that dress?