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The other guys use the cheaper old style controller with a remote, ours is a full Bluetooth capable controller using an app on your phone or tablet. Done and done. Make sure to choose the option below when ordering. Only certain colors are available in switchback currently.

We are adding each day as we find suppliers for the LEDs. Feel free to let us know if there are other switchback color options you are looking for. We can approach our suppliers and have other color options sourced. They are slighting more expensive as well since there is a special controller and wiring harnesses needed.

As in all of our kits though it comes to you ready to install and everything you need. For 5th Gen emblems, please let us know in the notes when you complete your order if you have a classic or a 5th generation body style.

If there are no notes we will assume you are ordering for a classic 4th generation Ram. All orders start with a brand new pair or individual badge. Our LEDs and emblems come directly from manufacturers like CREE and Mopar, since we have been doing this for so many years we have direct contacts and supply chains. The RGB controller has a 3 year warranty as well. Steven Slate.

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Devil Eyes

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