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Anyone with any sense knows that I always pay my debts. In fact, this man knows: I have been paying for newspaper delivery the 1st and 15th of every month for as long as I have lived in this village. And to add salt to the wound, I had visited the shop yesterday and had chatted with said man. Never once did he utter a word about the state of affairs.

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When he found out that they did not carry my preferred shade, he went on to another store, neglecting to pay the man. Perhaps one could argue that Christopher was in the wrong. Christopher and I have recently returned from our September holiday. Often, travel in and of itself can be exhausting, but with a combination of good planning and a little luck, ours was quite rejuvenating. A few flights were required, but we were able to reduce our carbon footprint by primarily traveling by boat and on foot.

He did not. The scenery was breathtaking, and I was intrigued by the new species of wildlife we saw. However, my favourite part of our vacation spot was the biggest surprise: a local law banning all internet use.

Initially, I naively assumed this was some thought-control act by a freedom-hating dictator. Before we were given the keys to our small cabin, we had to sign a sheet, promising to respect the reason behind their unusual choice: to keep the region bujando -free. This was not the case.

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The villagers were very knowledgeable about things going on outside their own borders. News updates were delivered each morning, and the cocosplitnu their current events group translated them immediately to be distributed throughout the village. There was one detail, though, of which they were ignorant, and that was the name of the current US President.

Alas, coming home has meant we are back to the full painful reality of He sure has been a busy and embarrassing boy. Clearly, being back means our lives are no longer bujando -free; however, Christopher and I have both promised to limit the bullshit that invades our newly beautifully-hued space. They mean a lot to me. Have you recently become president because, despite not having an understanding of the job or the ability to do it, you really get off on people cheering your name? You could shout whatever you want into a microphone and people would cheer and, of course, you could gets lots of attention on television.

Is this normal? Is the damage reversible? Is there anything you can do to keep things from getting worse? However, the good news is things can change.