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Gold and silver markets are manipulated by Uncle Ben. If rice and beans store 10 to 30 years and are super cheap why not stock up.

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Some further elaboration on your comment would be nice, Aaron? I am aware of the Zeitgeist series and movement, just not sure why you you blurted it out here, seemingly at random. On second thought, what I should have said was that if the world does go berserk and the economy collapses, this might be the best way to start a new system. Good article, Rob.

The management elite team have a plan already. The Gov. I think they have a new system already in place or close to be in place. Tying up all the lose ends.

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Passing laws that will go into effect with the new system. With all the bad things happening in the world. This new system will seem like a dream come true and people will buy it. I think people should buy physical good and stock up. Money will be turned in for the new world currency.

I wonder if anywhere will be a safe place. Be ready to fight. Even minor battle wounds will end up killing you when there is no medical services.

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Be prepared to HIDE! Currency rises and falls, but food will always be a useful commodity … I agree with the person who commented a few up from this one , if certain foods can store for long periods of time, why not stock up? Also learn how to grow your own food and preserve what you do grow. It takes less space then you think. I believe that cash will only be good for a short period of time after the start of a collapse, as the sheep will continue to believe it has value, and may be reluctant to exchange for goods versus the toilet paper.

Thanks for all the great info. Moved off grid 6 years ago and finally just got solar station up and functional 1 year ago. Looking for food sources now as well as survival preparations. If SHTF we can live for a loooong time here, but if we get kicked out of our house…?

The globalist plan is to crash the economy and buy up what they can for pennies on the dollar.

When you stop making payments they will foreclose and take it. I suggest you pay it off now or sell it to get any equity out. They foreclosed on houses in and past behavior is nest indicator to future behavior. I have 2 questions if someone could give me some knowledgeable advice I would greatly appreciate the help. Should I get the money I have sitting in my safe deposit box out and store myself? Or will I still be able to get into the bank and my personal deposit box as needed?

If the banks are out of money will they possibly just close their doors and lock up, making it near impossible to get my safe deposit valuables? Also should I take my retirement out and just suffer the early pull out? Not FDIC insured, no bank guarantee and may lose value. Should I pull it and pay off the only debt I have? Who do I trust to purchase it from?

Then just invest any other money I may have on barter supplies to help weather the coming storm? Simple math will eventually rule our economic situation.

We Are Setting Up For Financial Armageddon: Are You Prepared?

Most people have lost the skills to live a simple life providing for themselves and their family. What can you do? Have a plan, have backup plans. City dwellers need to have a place to go to when this happens, its all in the numbers you live with a population of takers and when it happens, what you have they will take. To make this lifestyle work, takes hard work, tending animals, growing myself food and the animals.

Shocking how things have changed. I live in indiana. I think you r better to join up together in a group. It can happen here. I do not suggest keeping too much money in the banks or even retirement funds. I tried to take my money out and they took half of it in taxesand penalities and refused, yes outright refused to let me have all of it. Things are worse then anyone realizes. I think the collapses happens it is going to happen very fast. Silver will be easier to convert. Get out of debt…. Would love to be part of a group or small community members like myself but, how the heck do you find such?

I work ALL day and then work around the house all weekend, go to church on Sunday and then back to work on Monday to do it all over again! Help hook us up with like minded folks!!! Most game in my area consists of birds, raccoons, squirrels, foxes and deer. Definitely stock up on bartering items. I have no doubt in my mind that by , our USA will be bankrupt, especially if a certain politician is elected.

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Are we heading towards an Economic Collapse? Preparing for Financial Armageddon

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