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I think my fish is going crazy because of the noise! Originally Posted by exodon king. Basically it is a global network exchanging digitized data in such a way that any computer, anywhere, that is equipped with a device called a 'modem', can make a noise like a duck choking on a kazoo.

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Consider it pardoned You are partially correct. Surface agitation can be achieved via the spraybar. By reducing the pipe size and putting the spray bar on the bottom of the tank, it will keep the bare floor clean of detritus and debris, and force the debris into the overflow, or one of the other filters. However, there has been another change of plans.

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I have been experimenting with a bottom siphoning overflow, which will serve that same purpose. When I get the design worked out, I will be changing over.

DIY Wet/Dry Trickle Sump Filter with PVC Overflow!

I gotcha Ive been thinking of putting it back on since all i have are my and on my Oh yeah, lots of other filtration. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

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Hammer or Torch. Cloudy water and white stuff on the First tank freshwater. Am I super overstocked? Need help identifying this disease.

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Help with high ph Filter broke down!!! Platy not eating, staying in the same Curved spine. Crooked spine, but otherwise healthy Lining the bottom inside of a tank Micro worms. Delapool's gallon tank. Do you like your siphon? New guy from Indiana. Quieter Water Pump. Awesome pics attached, I'm very surprised this topic hasn't been touched on more than this. I guess an earthquake and some free lighting takes precedence over all Pods, Macro, and, I was thinking, that maybe some Horses could live there, and not get harmed in the display.

I have two companies right now that are going to make quotes on the build and get back to me. You will starve the fuge to death if it is only fed by the output of the skimmer whose job is to remove all the excess stuff a fuge thrives on. Also the flow thru the fuge will be 10 times higher than it should be since your forcing all the water thru it to get to the return pump. Telgar , Aug 23, Joined: Jul 27, Messages: Location: Michigan.

I am having a hard time getting this. I would be far less expensive to just but a "sump sized" glass aquarium and divide in 3 parts. Shoot with the money you save you could buy a skimmer that would really work well on your tank it needs to be rated for two times the up to tank volume Right now it seems with this plan you are just doing both methods of filtration kinda half way We will help you here figure it out.

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SO can anyone Hope I don't come across as harsh or critical, I am "new-school" and I just don't get the whole wet dry thing.. Sump, Skimmer, Fuge is kinda my mojo Heidi. Leave out the first bubble trap, this will be you refugium. The two bulkheads below water height will balance out water in both areas. This will give you a larger refugium flowing with more water than's skimmed. I like that your skimming before you refugium it should be a natural food chamber first and other things after. You will know if it's working because your fish will live their lives around your inlets playing and eating.