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The new cookbook is out on October 13th and I advise you to pick it up. Compared to the Everyday Food line of cookbooks it is a little more grown up but I think still approachable. You can use this book just for the individual recipes, there are no rules that you need to make the whole menu. I don't have a lot of time to post at this time of the year, too much work to do. It is only the 13th and I have already had a breakdown, so cross your fingers I make it through the month.

But I did want to take some time to post some of my favorite cookbooks that I have discovered this year and any foodie on your list will love them Anne Willan's Country Cooking of France is one of my favorite books that I have discovered in the last year. It is not only filled with amazing recipes but also beautiful pictures and great info on the regions of France. Paley's Place Cookbook , from a hometown restaurant here in Portland is filled with recipes featuring the wonderful Northwest ingredients made in a classic French and Italian ways. I can't suggest cookbooks without throwing in a Martha book.

This is a great gift for anybody and any cooking level. There is something for everybody in this massive book and an amazing French Onion soup recipe to boot Just imagine how long it took me to search and order this book, faster than a speeding bullet! But just in time for Fall, it will be the Fall section of this great Everyday Food compilation.

This book came out in and since then I have made a ton of the recipes in it. It is a great reference to have on hand when you need to get a quick menu and shopping list put together. Page Creamy Broccoli Soup , with a secret ingredient of oats it gives this soup a great texture and if you have an immersion blender you get to use it on this soup, that is a reason to make it right there.

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Page Broccoli, Chickpeas and Tomato salad. I like to call them garbanzo beans, old school you know, this is a goodie. Fresh and light and perfect with a chicken dish this little salad is filling and delicious. If you are in a hurry and you don't have left over chicken, purchase one of those baked chickens at the store and then pick off all the meat to make this quick little dinner. Page Beef Bulgogi, if you could see what the page looks like in my book you would know that I have made this one quite a few times.

The spiciness and the caramelized onions and peppers make this a winner. Page Lamb chops with Yogurt sauce and Orzo and Snap pea salad. I also add a little bit of minced garlic to the sauce, too good to be true! Page Roasted Salmon with Lentils. Love love love Salmon and the lentils are a perfect combination.

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Sounds good to me! Now don't get any perverted ideas, it's not that kind of chef This is by far my favorite Martha Stewart cookbook that she has. It is even more then just a cookbook, it's a handbook. Dips, spreads, sauces, relishes and salsas, tea sandwhicdes, canapes and crostini. These and many many more fill the pages of the handbook of all handbooks.

The first chapter starts off with all the fundamental building blocks for the best hors d'oeuvres. The cherry tomato cups are one of my favorites, crostini, grilled stars and toasted breadboxes, savory tartlet shells and pate a choux puffs. These little items will be used all through the book for different added tasty treats. Oh yes, these are all good ones! Wrapped, rolled, filled, folded and stuffed.. The first thing you find is the Spicy Tuna Rolls wrapped in cucumbers. My mouth waters just looking at the pictures. Filled Cherry tomatoes with six different fillings, my favorite is the Roquefort and Watercess filling.

When I make them I serve them on a bed of rock salt on a lovely sterling silver tray, what could be prettier.

I can go on and on forever about this book, I love it so much I have two That one sits on another shelf so that it doesn't get dirty in the kitchen Week two and here is another wonderful selection from my bookcases of cookbooks. Anthony Bourdain's Les Halles Cookbook. If you don't have this book then you need to get it right away. Besides it being by one of my favorite, Anthony Bourdain and yes I have a not so secret crush on him.

What can I say, all girls love the "bad boy" is a great writer and storyteller. This is the kind of cookbook that you can sit in bed and read. Page after page of the witty remarks of Mr Bourdain along with some wonderful and classic French dishes. All you need is a tiny little fork a very crunchy baguette and a napkin to get the buttery goodness that will roll down your chin. I have made Anthony's recipe many times and it can not be beat! Salade Nicoise Quite possibly my favorite meal ever! Haricot Verts, red potatoes, anchovies, tomatoes, eggs, lettuce and tuna.

The tuna you want to use is the best canned tuna packed in Olive oil, that is the traditional French way of doing it. The internet makes it a small world, for sure!

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Your stew sounds perfect for the day! I loved your story…it truly is a small world thanks to the blogworld. Your lamb stew sounds delicious as does your soda bread. Karen Back Road Journal recently posted.. Your stew looks delicious…I have only ever eaten a rack of lamb or lamb chops…never tried a leg of lamb, maybe it will be in the near future. What amazing things can happen from using the computer!

Marigene recently posted..

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Cathy, what a beautiful Irish stew. We would both love this!! I am also wearing goose bumps about the relative found on the Internet. Amazing, this world we live in. Lovely sharing. And I love the look of your lamb stew. Looks very mouth-watering. MaryMoh recently posted..

Your food looks so delicious.


I loved your story. A while ago I posted about a French Grandma Cooking and a cake my grandmother used to make.

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A woman in France emailed me a copy of documents in French of my gggrandmother and her children, names, and ages, the ship they traveled. She said she found it with two clicks of the computer. I just find that amazing. Now off to visit Kathleen. Lemon recently posted.. That is a great story! Your stew looks delicious, and so does your bread! I so appreciate your shout outs about the crawl!

Thanks so much for linking to in the St. Kathleen recently posted.. The 5th Annual St. Happy St.