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New report: Land of the Rising Sun and Offshore Wind

Jeff Cui Sep 5, Rappu For You. Anvit Garg Sep 4, Anya Chen Aug 31, Standing at the edge to challenge the edge. Linh Doan Aug 30, The Peculiarities of Tokyo and Japan. Rodrig Naska Aug 28, Have you really bento Japan? Nonetheless, our perception….

Jason Liang Liang Aug 15, Farewell Japan. We arrived in early June, just in time for the summer heat that rolled over the two months in a heavy wave of humidity and sweat.

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Rebecca Mqamelo Aug 14, How two months in the Japanese countryside changed my perspective on cities. Oskar Ehrnberg Aug 11, Bella Buchanan Aug 8, Indeed, some consider this a leading national security issue, as the populace could become too elderly to protect itself.

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Cunningham notes that Japanese Catholics do not seem to have larger-than-average families. If you value the news and views Catholic World Report provides, please consider donating to support our efforts. Your contribution will help us continue to make CWR available to all readers worldwide for free, without a subscription. Thank you for your generosity! Click here for more information on donating to CWR.

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Click here to sign up for our newsletter. Holy Father well aware of the World War that we are in the midst of.. Joseph , to aid in the war that is against family and marriages , as intended by the enemy , raging world over. Being of the family of Jesuits , his own heart might also be aching in reparation , over the past when incursions into these lands , to bring the Good News had not met with enough success , the crew and such of the ships that came , possibly having added to the very area of debt of sins in the very same area , undermining the power of holiness and deliverance needed.

Seasons in Antarctica and the Arctic

May the visit help to also aid the many departed generations in these lands , whose distant relatives here as Native Americans , with the blessed connections to The Woman clothed with the sun, Our Lady of Guadalupe are the real heritage that these people too should not be deprived off.

Albert and all the Carmelites too would come to aid , undoing the evil connections of the past , to be on the side of the King of Kings , a side that all of us too could join rejoicing. But anyway, on to the more important topic:. Missionary zeal is needed, especially in wealthy materialist nations. Despite their numerous problems, they recognize an opening.

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Churches that are so focused on survival often find it difficult to evangelize. I notice this in my own diocese, where so many parishes are concerned with maintaining themselves that they wall themselves off from the wider world. This is understandable, but a mistake! The personal invitation is key, as is having the church visible in the public.

Less than half of million is not the whole story. The 60 million left will be overwhelmingly beyond their reproductive ability, and the number of girls between 14 and 44 will likely have shrunk to an almost inconsequential element of the population, as in many other countries.

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Japan is not alone. The scope and implications of the drop in world population over the next 80 years is difficult to contemplate. I go often to Japan, as my daughter-in-law is Japanese. Those who remain will continue the tradition of seeking to reconcile traditional Islamic daily prayer with the peculiarities of Arctic astronomy. Moe and other leaders of the mosque contacted Islamic scholars in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Kuwait, posing the question of the midnight sun and its bearing on the timing of daily prayer. It simply imposed a schedule from a distant locale.

The search for a better solution took a turn in April of this year when the imams of the two mosques travelled to Sweden to debate the prayer-time issue, and the separate but related question of fasting during Ramadan, with Islamic scholars from Denmark, Sweden and Finland, as well as representatives from the communities in Alta and Hammerfest. After much deliberation, the scholars made a suggestion, essentially proposing to localise the two afternoon prayers — Zuhr and Asr — by determining the daily highest position of the Sun as observed from each individual Arctic mosque.

In winter, this observation would be indirect, via calculation, but it would still be tied to each individual location.

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As for the earlier and later prayers each day, the schedule would introduce an adjustment, keyed to Mecca sunrise and sunset, to round out a balanced daily worship schedule. The process is ongoing. Not everyone adheres to the new schedule: a few congregants continue to follow Mecca time, while others remain attached to their countries of origin — Yusuf pointed out two members of Al Rahma who time their prayers to sunrise and sunset in Paris, their home town.

We were on the back steps of Al Rahma just after evening prayer, as lingering worshippers chatted in the small lot behind the green house.