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Despite the demands of her nonfiction, her teaching, and her frequent trips abroad as a visiting professor at Columbia University, Kristeva has continued to find time to write fiction. Two of her novels, The Old Man and the Wolves and Possessions, are set in the fictional Santa Varvara, an Eastern European resort city where corruption and violence are rife. In the case of Possessions, a successful translator is found decapitated after a dinner party and one of her friends, Stephanie Delacour, conducts her own investigation into the grisly murder.

New York Times Book Review correspondent Mark Edmundson styled Possessions "an intellectual detective story" that reflects Kristeva's favorite nonfictional themes: "depression, language, the struggles between the sexes, horror, psychoanalysis, and motherhood. A continuing concern for Kristeva is also the phenomenon of revolt.

Kristeva focuses on the psychology of the concept of revolt and in turn features three influential thinkers: Jean-Paul Sartre , Roland Barthes , and Louis Aragon. Valencia felt the work could be "maddening" for those not familiar with structuralist and postmodern theory and language, but that cognoscenti would "eagerly devour" the work. Kristeva produced a companion volume with Intimate Revolt: The Powers and Limits of Psychoanalysis, an "important, interdisciplinary tour de force," according to Library Journal contributor E.

James Lieberman. Here Kristeva defines revolt as a continual state of personal re-invention and re-creation. Again, much of the book focuses on Aragon, Barthes, and Sartre, but it also takes the reader on an intellectual journey commencing with Aristotle and traveling all the way to Freud and psychoanalysis.

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Kristeva returns to the same subject in a book of interviews, Revolt, She Said, where, as Clayton Crockett noted in Theoria, the author "relates the notion of revolt to a number of current issues, including the ongoing legacy of the French revolt of May , as well as psychoanalysis, feminism, politics and culture. Gerry Coulter, who observed, "This volume, concerned with the possibility of revolt, defines its subject broadly and reaches some penetrating conclusions.

Kristeva has also continued to explore feminist issues, particularly through the lives of three twentieth-century European women, the German political theorist and writer Hannah Arendt, the Austrian-British children's psychoanalyst Melanie Klein, and the French writer Colette. Rather than producing standard biographies of each of these remarkable women, Kristeva attempts intellectual biographies, tracing the growth and development of their thought to discover what made each of these women special.

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For Arendt, according to Kristeva, it was a journey in discovery of her individual happiness through the very process of thinking and theorizing, while for Klein it involved healing, and with Colette it was the obvious thing, her writing. In Melanie Klein, the second of a trilogy of biographies, Kristeva examines one variety of female genius.

An early Freudian, Klein soon broke with Freud over the primacy of the Oedipal complex, preferring instead more emphasis on the feminine. Klein left her native Austria in the s to move to London where she practiced psychoanalysis for the rest of her life, developing new therapies for treating children. A Kirkus Reviews critic noted that Kristeva attempts to show in this work that Klein "should be regarded as an innovator and pioneer in psychoanalytic theory.

With Colette, Kristeva brings her trilogy on female geniuses to a close. So far as I am concerned she is the answer to the travellin ' salesman 's prayer. I could tell you things about that dame 's geography which would make you wonder why you are so stuck on the dame you are gettin ' around with at the moment.

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Le temps du pardon (Romans étrangers) (French Edition)

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Cain, James M. London : Picador, - Chandler, Raymond. Adieu ma jolie trad. Jacquemont et J.

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Paris: Gallimard, ; The Little Sister. The Chandler Collection, Vol. London: Picador, ; Raymond Chandler Speaking. The American heartland tenses up, slams its doors on strangers. My contacts have been dropping me one after the other as Donald Trump moves up the polls. The manager is called Miguel Z. He spent seventeen years on death row before being proven innocent by a DNA test. Miguel wants to move on. He wants to be forgotten. Get back on his feet.

I have a family now, children, nothing else matters. Miguel talks of the lack of labourers and the lack of water. He made a fortune with health insurance, through the suffering of people like us. A pickup parks in front of the stone building. Dusty workers get off.

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They go in, talking loudly in Spanish. I go out. The building is boarded up, with a wooden plank nailed across the door. Bullet holes in the plank. I get back on the road heading north. More of a caravan, in fact, to which various extensions have been added over time. In front of the metal gate leading to this dusty dwelling, two imposing golden lions, sitting on their back legs, hold a coat of arms between their front legs.

And at each of the four corners of a meagre fence bordering an area covered in a little sparse yellow grass and a lot of red earth we are in the Redlands stands a stucco Virgin Mary as tall as I am, hands joined in prayer, also golden.

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Will this daughter come into the world in this family, at this crossroads, between Homestead and Flamingo? To make sure she does, I started to write her life. This life is like a road map. A tangle of routes that will, mostly, never be taken. But what I like best, I think, though it makes my acclimatisation rough and difficult, is the landscape of the hinterland, heading north: hills and agricultural holdings, the rural wretchedness of Steinbeck, synonymous with the United States. Rusty grain silos, sickly cows dizzied by the sun, palm trees rising up through the manure, nice and straight, arrogant and ridiculous, with their feathered heads like those of our cockerels back home.

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