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Method trained, with nearly two decades of experience in writing and acting, Ballar is able to bring a different insight while directing. Alex has almost a dozen screenplays sold to companies like Universal Pictures and Sci-Fi. His latest project, Zombie Drugs, is not only his script, but he produces, directs and stars in the comedic story of two burnouts. Together, Beau and Alex formed the Production Company, Manginity Films, to put their visions together and make high-impact films geared towards the enjoyment of the audience.

Male Nude Photography- Lance and Beau

Their newest film, Zombie Drugs , is just finishing up post-production and we recently sat down with Beau and Alex to discuss the film. Check it out below.

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Alex Ballar : The movie is, without preaching to anybody, what it would be like to be on a journey off of drugs and starts with two friends whose whole existence is doing drugs. These two friends partied in school, did some pot, a little coke, a lot of drinking and they carried that on out of high school. He starts to see zombies and see his dead brother who died of an overdose. That all plays into his ability to no longer have fun with the dugs. But his friend, Sabastian, played by Beau, is still on the journey and thinks drugs are the best thing in the world.

And he wants to start a drug business. I love to watch them and analyze them. And the zombies are used as a metaphor for what can happen to someone if they become a drug addict. I wrote the script about 3 years ago when I had some downtime. I wanted to create something that I could possibly do on a lower budget. After the film was shopped around, hitting numerous dead-ends, I was lucky enough to find Beau.

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We met up on a web series called The Resolve, which I helped produce. He had the framework in place to play the character. It was like one of those moments you read about where a director meets an actor and they know he or she is perfect for the character.

That was that moment for me. We went out there, ended up finding money and made sure not to compromise. Another person that was a real trooper was Alex Berezovsky; he helped us with pre production and production. He was a huge asset for us as well. I think my strong point right now in my career is really my comedy aspect anyway so I felt I really related to this role in a certain aspect of my life. Really the last thing we have to do is just wait for the mail to come tomorrow for delivery from our After Effects Artist containing the titles and the credits.

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Locker-room banging session with two strong dudes Tyler Reed and Beau Reed

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