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And the genies, can't forget the genies Jul 03, Tabitha rated it really liked it Shelves: paranormal , romance. Highly entertaining and with an easy to like heroine, Joanne takes us on a road trip chasing after a friend that she thinks will be able to help but might just have caused a whole heck of a lot of problems. I really enjoyed the weather based magic system that this author created and the mixing of it with Dijinn magic. This girl drives a mustang so how could she not be in for trouble? Hot men help too of course. Sep 08, Katyana rated it liked it Shelves: fantasy , series , ass-kicking-women.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I was excited until the last Star was the big bad, Jo was racing to fight her off. Star had David, which was heartbreaking. Star also had Lewis, which was Because Star's power was broken, right?

How in hell was she able to hold Lewis? Marion was on Jo's tail to OKC Marion and her cronies, Paul, the whole lot of Wardens.

They are giant idiots who are also giant douchebags. Bad shit is happening right in front of their faces, and they are oblivious, but they glom onto Jo like white on rice, and even keep accusing her of causing these incidents. Seriously, fuck those guys. So the idiot brigade is chasing Jo to OKC for the big show-down. They don't even give her points for shutting down the uber storm that was about to kill everyone - they bitch at her about that too. Fucking tools. Then she shows up at Star's, and Star is evil and David is evil, and Lewis is evil wtf mate?

And they sort of throw down, but not really, it was all very anticlimactic. And then Jo dies. And Star, I guess, dies And the Demon Mark, eh, whatever.

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And Jo died. And sure, she's a djinn now, but I feel ripped off. But I don't want a Mary Sue. Where's my weather witch? Why was she so powerful? Was she really a counterpart to Lewis? Why was he able to pull power through her? What were they supposed to be? Bad Bob?

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Really, with a name like that, you can't see that dude is a villain? And wtf with them not being able to see Demon Marks because they don't ask to? Are we seriously supposed to believe that the entirety of the Warden's Association is too fucking stupid to ask their djinn to allow them to see Demon Marks? Could vibe from wherever the fuck he was that Star had a Mark and was eating djinn, but never clued the fuck in to Bad Bob? And he was held prisoner for And beat people up at her whim. And was then just fine, and cool as a cucumber, and hey, those Warden idiots he had been hiding from for years?

No big. They all went out and had a beer or something. Maybe roasted marshmellows around Star and Jo's flaming corpses. What the fuck? See all the ranting? I told you guys I curse like a sailor.

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I can't help it, I really liked this book, and was really disappointed by the ending. Disappointed and boggled. View all 18 comments. Jul 25, Riannon rated it did not like it. This book has won the dubious honor of making it onto my very short list of books I have started reading and not finished. It begins in medias res, with plenty of hints at supposedly exciting things that happened before the book began.

It flashes back to them at seemingly random points through the book, and when it does, the action is pretty underwhelming when you consider how long the reader had to wait for it. The main character is incredibly annoying. She seems obsessed with guys, and is fore This book has won the dubious honor of making it onto my very short list of books I have started reading and not finished.

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She seems obsessed with guys, and is forever looking around to notice who might be checking her out and checking people out in return. During the course of the book or at least the first half or so , she randomly has flashbacks to what seems like every one of her previous dating or romantic encounters.

And her morals seem a tiny bit on the loose side. She also appears to have the vocabulary of a 13 year old about when kids are young enough to still be pretty dumb and old enough to begin thinking swearing is really cool. Also, she does virtually nothing interesting for way too many chapters. All she does is drive, and think complaining thoughts to herself. And by the way, I got really tired of the endless descriptions of how greasy her hair was from being in the car for weeks, and how her general hygiene was at a low point.

It made me want to go take another shower myself. There was also one really unintentionally funny hypocritical moment on her part. She stops at this restaurant, and makes a snarky mental comment about the guys eating there having "the physique of people who drive all the time and eat nothing but HoHos. Nothing healthy in that list! But she supposedly still looks good in a bathing suit.

Speaking of looking good, I died laughing when she went to the mall, came out, and her super hot new outfit was "low rise purple velvet pants, and a purple velvet jacket. Is that what's hot these days? Maybe it will turn out that she is actually severely schizophrenic and this has all been a deranged hallucination inside her head. If so I have completely misjudged the nature of this book, and apologize to any I may have offended.

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Otherwise, I stand behind all my comments and my one star rating. Shelves: 3-star , urban-fantasy , a-own-book-form , part-of-series , first-in-series , reviewed. As with most stories where there's a governing group, corruption has nestled in the ranks.

Joanne as the main character is one of the more powerful, young and on the run, suspected for something not her fault, seeking out another renegade who may be able to help her out of her tricky predicament. A lot goes on in the pages, the story is complex with characterization, tension, and ending, but I do think it took a little too long to get there.

Joanne was on the run and internally musing for awhile, flashing back often on the story of how she got there, which works to small doses but not as the entire first half the book! This is the main reason for the 3. Joanne is a worthy main character who comes across realistically portrayed, easy to sympathize with, and a suitable main for an Urban Fantasy series.

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The villains made sense in their motivations and were awesome with their battles. Using the wind, earth, and fire as weapons in fights and plots is effective.

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