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B: Is there any precaut B: What is always preceding the action? C: What are the factors determining the actions of individuals? Question How can it be that the dhamma comes exactly when needed? B: Do the Boddhisattas know that they are Bodhisattas? Is it not contradictory? Also, if egolessness is real how do the hierarchy in social status ao.

Video: Truth always Triumphs! One being worldly happiness based upon B: Could unenlightened beings see the beings in the other realms then? Question With Dependent Origination with its various links at what point on thechain of links should a DoA Restless or Stressed?

Buddha and the Quantum: Hearing the Voice of Every Cell

Question What to do with feeli Is it painful for sinners, and tranquil for the fortunate etc. Question What are the Superhuman Powers? How does one attain them? Open Release.. Why is it only them? Why not everyone? Question The concept of anicca impermanence seems to apply at both themicroscopic timescale, mi Worthy is Vesak! Thanx to all to Dayakas and Supporters. Especially the Regular-Monthly-Donors. The Gradual Way..

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Question What is conceptual thinking, and how can we erode it? Why is that so? Transcendent Causation.. Thanx to all to Dayakas, Supporters, and Or were they handy, smart, or great in athletics? Kaccayanagotta Sutta - Samyutta Nikaya Please email New Questions to bhante. B: Why did he need 6 years to awaken, while The Mirror of Dhamma.. Even is Equanimity.. Venue: Thekandysamadhicentre. Non-violence is happiness in any world,harmlessness towards all living beings.

Udana 2. Meditation Hall progress: Question Why do we need to experience the 3 kinds of feeling? Question To Support this Early B Welcome to Player FM What if radio played only the shows you care about, when you want? Take it with you. Guides you to smart, interesting podcasts based on category, channel, or even specific topics.

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Decisive Action will instill confidence in them so that they're better able to go with their gut feeling and make the best decisions for whatever it is they're trying to achieve every single time. By this point, you will have programmed your brain for massive success and abundance — all the pieces are in place. So now what? Well, your brain is a lot like a car.

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You can have all the parts fitting together, in working order, but it still needs gas and oil. This audio will keep the core frequencies, principles and empowering beliefs at the forefront of your mind and actions each day — and it will multiply your results. You see, for years the only way to learn these amazing mind secrets was to get personal coaching from me People willingly paid this amount, because friends who attended the seminar told them what they were missing.

But now with the Quantum Abundance Method you will have the one thing that can rapidly propel to new heights of prosperity in the comfort of your own home. It doesn't matter what career or business you choose to pursue. The Quantum Abundance Method will show you how to take back the controls of your financial thermostat. And crack through the financial limits placed on you so you can discover your own inner financial genius. You are more successful than you think.

30 Minute Meditation on Manifesting in the Quantum Field with Landria Onkka

No matter how busy you are, or how little money you have, no matter what your level of education So, let me just ask you a question — how much is it worth to you to Actually start attracting more money, love and better relationships into your life. Suddenly find yourself living in a state of optimal work-life balance. No longer feel isolated, and be able to make a greater difference in the lives of those around you and in the world.

Have your subconscious mind working for you instead of against you. Attracting the right people and resources to help you make real progress in all areas of your life.

A lot, right? But you know what?

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I want to make this an easy decision. I want to end the search for you. But we're not stopping here. And I wanted to make sure you had every single advantage I did…. This is critical. Mind Cleanse Primer will take you through a simple process that helps you laser in on your subconscious limiting beliefs, and then cleanse your mind of them — once and for all. This awareness leads to both understanding and self-confidence, which empowers you to reach for bigger dreams…attract greater wealth and prosperity…and so much more!

You are 'being' aware. Henry Ford once said: "Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right.

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Both ways are right. The amazing thing about beliefs is that they literally determine your perception of opportunities and possibilities…what you believe is possible, IS possible — and vice versa.

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This part of the process will help you hard-wire empowering beliefs about your ability to attract wealth, love, health and more — directly into your brain. Actions that create abundance are little more than thoughts becoming habits, and habits creating your reality. True abundance is nearly effortless, and that can only emerge as you cultivate this trust in that power which is infinite and beyond the conscious mind. Had I only achieved financial success — I probably would still be an alcoholic… suffered through strained relationships… and never recovered from the devastation of losing my parents.

But by learning to cultivate gratitude and contentment with all the blessings that flowed into my life — everything changed. All in all, this detailed guide will walk you through the entire powerful process and — combined with the audios — will systematically reprogram your mind and body for a whole new limitless life. This checklist is something you can keep on your computer, phone or even print and put on your refrigerator… and it will keep you on track, each and every day.

It includes Remember the praise and feedback I showed you earlier? Because things have gone so well for me financially, including my other best-selling programs, that I have decided instead that this is something that I want to leave as my legacy. I am more interested in reaching a lot of people and touching their hearts than in making a lot more money. Again, this is my way of helping you and others break the cycle of effort, frustration, pain… and embrace a more graceful and beautiful way to achieve success, wealth and love… because I want everyone to experience and live in the heart of prosperity.

A kind of world where people actually tap into their divine power … connect with each other … have attitudes of love and service toward each other … and never have to worry about money.