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In the drama series, Oshin lived life in poverty and went through hardships after hardships to finally overcoming them. But because furiko carries an adult connotation, hamachiko is the kiddy version of the word.

However, unlike furiko , the terms hamachi and hamachiko are no longer used in recent years. So in the sense of this term, not having feelings towards homosexual men means being heterosexual. There you have it. Featured image from here. Tagged culture , language , slang. Post Comment. Here's the deal, I'll send you a newsletter only if I think there's something that will matter to you. Typically, it's things like updates and exclusive coupon codes. Or I might not send one at all.

Either way, it's better for you to sign up. No spam ever, pinky swear. Review Food Minimalism Deals. Image from Wikipedia. The term was most popular in the s where illegal overstaying and forced prostitution among South-East Asian women was on the rise in Japan. Ironically, as the above problem increased through the years, it became so widespread that the word was no longer used.

Hamachiko refers to girls who act in a cute manner in front of guys. Kimo Kawa Exploring the Japanese love of creepy cuteness. I would love to hear from you! Click here to cancel reply. Only things that matter. Exclusive deals. Here, however, the MCs are already adults Jun is 27, I think, and Tomo is older so decisions have to made by themselves without the luxury of parental wisdom View 1 comment.

Saving Face Script - transcript from the screenplay and/or Michelle Krusiec and Joan Chen movie

Apr 06, Lena Grey rated it really liked it. Tomo wants to be Jun's one true friend, but Jun's insecurities, and his own, prevent this from happening. Tomo must realize that if he wants to experience love unconditionally means he must first love and nurture himself.

Tomo is a very kind and gentle man who worships Jun. The only problem with worshiping someone is that the pedestal upon which you've placed them can become so high that the object of your affection is unreachable. Tomo is bit aware of the sacrifice he's making just to be in Jun's life, i.

It takes a tragedy to break the cycle which has caused things to become so off balance, regroup, and put things right. Jun broke my heart, with his obvious denial of his feelings about his mother and about Tomo. In his mind, it was his fault that his mother left him. Jun believes that there is something wrong with him that makes him unworthy of love. Before Tomo's father died, Jun was happy, although he never entirely believed that Dad and Tomo loved him; but after his death, Jun started running away from himself and Tomo, fast and furiously. Unfortunately, when he did, he was running from the very thing that he needed most.

Jun needs to absolve himself from any guilt connecting him to his mother's desertion; Jun needs to recapture the affection and security of the good times he had with the only two people in his life who ever truly loved him--Tomo and his father. This is an intense, well-paced and well written story. Although it features some glamorous people and places it's not a fairy tale. It's a realistic look at life in the Japanese culture, emphasizing a formal, exotic tone.

Tomo's narrative draws us deeply into his feelings, making them even more poignant. Regardless of culture differences, many of life's challenges, especially concerning love, are universal.

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For all of us, love doesn't just happen; love must be nurtured in order to grow and, as any successful couple knows, the best relationships of all begin with a firm foundation of friendship. I recommend this story to anyone who enjoys an extraordinary story of love, loyalty, sacrifice, forgiveness, and redemption and can appreciate the idea that being married to your best friend is one of the greatest gifts in the Universe. Thanks, Sedonia, for moving my heart and making me think.

Sep 01, Jeff Erno rated it it was amazing Shelves: gay-romance , yaoi , five-star-reads.

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The story is told in first person narrative by Tomo, the Seme character. He is masculine, rugged, and clearly the "top". His love interest is Jun, his best friend since childhood. Jun is opposite Tomo in almost every way. Tomo is a mechanic; Jun works as an escort. Tomo does not dress fashionably, is rather reserved socially, and is a manly sort of man. Jun is softer, more delicate, and very refined.


He has manicured hands and a wardrobe of the most fashionable clothing. He's slender whereas Tomo is broad-shouldered and bulkier. This contrast is the ideal set-up for a perfect yaoi story. But the most wonderful thing about this relationship is the fact that it is Tomo who appears most vulnerable.

His emotions are laid bare, utterly exposed to the reader, simply because he is the one telling the story. Being able to see inside his head gives us a wonderful glimpse of Tomo's self-doubt, his dependency, and his intense, all-consuming love for this beautiful boy Jun.

Erotic Romance Author

Tomo's devotion and dedication to Jun, to the point of tremendous self-sacrifice, is achingly beautiful. It's not that we don't also see Jun's vulnerabilities. But we see them through the loving eyes of Tomo. It becomes so easy to understand why Tomo places Jun on a pedestal and idealizes him.

The smaller boy has such inner strength. He's weathered so much tragedy in his short life, and the couple have leaned upon each other through many losses. The plot is simply about the angst this couple endures as they struggle to open up to each other. The way they dance around their feelings and avoid admitting how much they love each other is at times frustrating, but it builds to a much anticipated and amazing climax.

The emotional impact is stunning. I love stories like this that depict the contrast of the lead male characters. I applaud any story that doesn't shy away from presenting the softer, feminine side of a male protagonist. This one especially touched my heart. I really liked this one. Dec 25, Betryal rated it it was amazing.

Chapter 18: Qingyuan’s Public Image Has Collapsed 2 I Just Want to Be in a Relationship

Tomo is big and strong, but with such a soft heart which he wears on his sleeve, for Jun and Jun is delicate to an extent. Jun is left somewhat broken from a mother that walked out on him while Tomo stands by him day after day after day.

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Their story is what I can only call 'beautiful' and I enjoyed it very much. Apr 30, Buffy Kennedy rated it liked it.

After chugging a QUART of soy sauce, student first to survive sodium overdose without brain damage

The author does a good job getting the reader emotionally invested and taking us on their journey of healing and reconnecting with each other in more ways than one. If you like gay romance, this is a really touching story to check out! Nov 10, Lily rated it liked it Shelves: mm-romance , friends-opposites-to-lovers. Such a touching story, which to me is all about Tomo's steadiness, pure emotions and finally finding his happiness. To be honest, I did not like Jun that much and, while I understood his emotional issues and he did somewhat redeem himself by the end, I just could not help resenting his quite careless attitude towards Tomo and how Jun left him feeling alone for so long view spoiler [ actually considering to leave their shared flat without saying something to Tomo beforehand This is a very sweet and very emotional romance between two friends who always wanted, but never expected more.

This story is a very emotional one, because Jun 19s had a tough childhood, and he deals with that periodically throughout the book. Tomo, his best friend, is the son of the man who took him in and they 19ve always been close, but after the man 19s death, there 19s been tension that neither of them seems to know quite how to alleviate. Jun is a 1Chost 1D which is basically a high class m This is a very sweet and very emotional romance between two friends who always wanted, but never expected more.