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Humans have evolved in tribes — we are hard-wired to feel safer around human connection. Observing the natural world may help you recover faster from subsequent stressful experiences, according to a study by researchers from the University of Essex. Several studies demonstrate slow, deep breathing is calming.

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  • 1. Breathe!
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Most recently, researchers from Georgia, in the US , observed that 15 minutes of deep breathing reduced reactivity of the nerve network that is active during the stress response in veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. Believing you are in control of your environment can help curb your stress reaction.

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Tea has anecdotally been associated with stress relief, but this has seldom been tested scientifically. But in a head to head comparison of black tea with a different caffeinated drink, each containing 72mg of caffeine, researchers at University College London discovered tea drinkers recovered faster after stress. When you leave an emotionally stressful scene, you might have physically left it but your mind is often still there, replaying the scene on loop. Find an activity that stops your mind from wandering — anything absorbing that you enjoy even playing a game on your phone.

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In , researchers from the University of California put healthy volunteers through a mentally stressful experience. Half were allowed to rest afterwards while the others were given something demanding to do, requiring their full attention — it was this group who relaxed faster. After a particularly stressful experience, head for a walk or other low intensity exercise. Keep it gentle — lighter exercise is best after stress, as it reduces the stress hormone cortisol, while intense exercise can raise its levels.

Your heart may not appreciate an all-out workout after a bout of intense stress, either. If you can be around nature while you exercise, even better.

For Your Heart: Stay Calm and Cool

Exercising on a cycling machine while listening to birdsong or looking at a nature video reduced perceived stress more than exercising alone. During a distressing experience, your emotions colour your perception of the event. If you revisit the scene without these emotions, the same event can appear very different.

When you put your experience into words, you omit emotions and sensations that are irrelevant to the story. Master your ABCs in unexpected situations Not every high-pressure situation can be predicted.

'Deep breath, cup of tea, long walk': nine ways to stay calm in a crisis

Instead of reacting, ask for more information. Take a few deep breaths.

  • 1. Breathe.
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Pick a number that works for you — three, ten, whatever. Then when confronted with a tense or emotional situation, count to that number to give yourself time to get control of your emotions and respond more calmly. Emotional intelligence: How to beat the stress and distraction cycle 10 things leaders with emotional intelligence never do 5 TED Talks to increase your emotional intelligence.

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