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Shakespeare's Hide-A-Hook Float is a great device that hides the hook within the bobber for safer casting. Boys and girls alike are naturally curious, so explain how a float works and moves when a fish bites.

If casting jigs, tug on the line while the child holds the rod to simulate a hit. Demonstrate setting the hook, emphasizing that like any skill, in takes time to learn. Teach kids how to grip the handle of the rod keeping it in front of them in a 9 to 11 o'clock position. Explain how the reel handle turns and how to react to a bite. Success can result from the simplicity of a bait and bobber on a lightweight rod. Buy a quality spinning or spin-cast combo between 3'6" to 5' and spool the reel with 6-pound monofilament line. Worm and minnow soft-baits are durable and won't spoil. Marabou or tinsel crappie jigs also work well.

9 Amazing Reasons To Teach Your Kids How To Fish.

A jig dangled beneath a small float and occasionally twitched is an effective tactic for youngsters. For kids who want to become more engaged, teach them a slow reeling or hopping jig retrieve. Learning to fish takes patience. Coach kids how to slowly and steadily play fish, stopping when the fish is at the water's surface. Encourage kids to independently land a fish quickly or to ask for help.

Once the catch is out of the water and admired with photos secured, demonstrate proper release methods. If it's fish for dinner, explain selective harvesting. Fishing should be always be fun. Keep this objective in mind and regardless of the number of fish caught, each outing will be a success. Cart 0 View Cart. Your cart is empty. Add some Shakespeare gear and hit the water!

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Teaching Kids to Fly Fish -

Spinning Rods. Spinning Reels. Caught his first fish! To land your fish you have to raise the pole tip high enough to pull the fish toward you. Younger children will need help with this. The shorter they are, the harder it is to raise the pole enough to land the fish. It takes practice to feel when a fish is on the line, set the hook and land the fish. Kids get so excited at this stage—and will want to hold the fish or touch it. However, you should avoid touching the spiny dorsal and lateral fins on a catfish. The next step is removing the hook and releasing the fish quickly.

This is where your garden glove and a pair of needle-nosed pliers come in. Have your camera ready to take a picture of your children with their catch, but be quick about snapping that shot! A fish should only be out of the water a moment or two.

Too much handling of a fish can remove the slimy coating on its skin, which is a protective layer it needs in order to stay healthy. Release your fish as soon as possible with minimum handling to help ensure that it survives. Once the fish is close to you, grab the line. Grasp the hook by the stem and, while holding the fish in the water, twist and pull gently, backing the hook out the way it came in.

Many times the hook will simply dissolve and get spit out. The fish has a better chance at living than if you struggle to free the hook. Catfish have sandpaper-textured lips that can be quite rough. Avoid grabbing the fish by the body —its fins are quite sharp! It has just been through a fight, so it may need a little time to revive and swim away. Not only could this injure the fish, but also its sharp fins can cause a very painful spiking injury to you or your child.

Just about every child will want to take their catch home, but catch and release is a good way to enjoy the sport without having to kill the fish and deal with the mess of cleaning them and cooking them. Encourage your child to be kind and let them know that a released fish can be caught again another day!

Fishing with your kids can build lifelong memories. Just remember to keep the process simple and pleasurable. The important thing is to give them the experience, but keep it from getting boring.

Bonus Benefits Of Taking Kids Fishing.

Pond fishing in the summer can be fun any time of day. However, about an hour and half before sunset, when the air cools a bit, fish tend to be more active. What do you think? Have you experienced fishing adventures with your kids? Where did you go and what were your big memory moments?

We would love to hear your thoughts, so please share them in the comments below!

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Fishing for Kids – 3 Rules on Teaching Kids to Fish

Great post. Fishing with older kids is a great way to have meaningful conversations. Thanks, Eric, appreciate the comments! It puts a subliminal barrier between you and the topic. Plus, it got us both outside in the open air aiming at a common goal. I realize that for a 6-year-old, fishing is not sitting and waiting. At these type of lakes, catch-and-release is not an option.

So it was important to explain the entire life cycle of fish, and our responsible role in it. We were fishing for catfish. Her first fish was a 2-pound catfish which she reeled to shore by herself. Having her Mom nearby with a camera was so important! Now enthused, she cast the closed-face spinning reel back into the pond. In a few moments, something BIG had the hook! This time, Grandad had to help hold the rod while she reeled it in. An 8 pound catfish! That night, she invited her other grandparents over, and the whole family had a catfish dinner.

She loved it, and the fact she caught them for everyone. Home Resource Guide About Us.

Fish - Educational Video for Kids.

Grab a pole and some bait, head to the water and take them fishing! Visit Take Me Fishing to find a fishing spot near you. Fiberglass extendable poles.

1. Don’t Start Too Seriously, Too Young

Image Source: Bob Fields. Stringing a bobber is easy! Image Source: Apryl Parcher. Chopped chicken gizzards make good bait. Live mealworms are another type of bait. That first fish is unforgettable!