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The Inner Hollow is the deepest parts of the Hollow. Unlike the Outer Hollows, the Inner Hollows have natural fauna and flora with indigenous creatures ranging from Rockworms to small beetles. It is assumed the Locust originated from the Inner Hollows as their capital, Nexus , is located here. The Riftworm also lay in hibernation in the Inner Hollows until it was awakened by the Lightmass Bomb. The Inner Hollows contain natural lakes with various fish including the Leviathan , and Imulsion lakes.

It seems human exploration never reached this far into Sera's crust except for a few Stranded groups who migrated down there to escape the war between the two factions. During Operation: Hollow Storm, thousands of Coalition troops were dropped into the Hollow and were cut off from the surface, [3] [4] leaving hundreds dead or captured.

This led to the Locust counterattack at Jacinto, and its eventual sinking which caused the flooding of the Inner Hollows. Creatures native to the Hollows include the Locust and the menagerie of creatures they use in their army. However, there are multiple other creatures that aren't part of the Locust Horde that also inhabit the Hollows. In the aftermath of the destruction of the Outer Hollows and the flooding of the Inner Hollows via Jacinto's sinking, the fate of many indigenous creatures is unclear.

Creatures utilized by the Locust Horde escaped amongst the Savage Locust, whilst aquatic creatures such as the Mangler and Leviathan have been sighted in Sera's Oceans. Any creatures that could not escape the Hollow may have been wiped out, although it is not known. The Locust use these beasts to steer the Locust Gunboat.

They appear to be native to the Inner Hollow, but since the sinking of Jacinto they have been sighted in Sera's oceans. These semi-giant worms inhabit small caves within the Inner Hollows.

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They are protected from most hazards by their extremely resilient rock-like shell, which makes them impervious to all types of gunfire. The Locust appear to use them as a food source, as several butchered corpses are found in the Locust capital of Nexus. At least three of these exist and are worshiped by the Locust as their gods as part of the Trinity of Worms. These creatures are giant worms that are miles long and created the Hollows by moving around underground. Eventually they all entered hibernation, but one was awakened by the Lightmass Bomb and was used to sink three COG cities before it was killed by Delta-One during Operation: Hollow Storm.

These gigantic centipedes originated in the Hollow but have been sighted on the surface after the Hollow's flooding by Jacinto's sinking. They are heavily armored and can attack using electricity in their jaws, their tail being the only weak spot. Utilized in the Locust Army, their fate after the destruction of the Horde is unknown. Unlike other indigenous creatures, Humans were aware of their existence during the Pendulum Wars. This suggests they are native to the Outer Hollows, but they are known to have survived the Lightmass Bombing so it is possible they also live in the Inner Hollows.

They are not part of the Locust Horde but they are known to attack humans due to their predatory nature. Kryll were highly aggressive flying pack creatures native to the Outer Hollow. Glenarm gave away a great deal of money in his lifetime. Moreover, he established your father. You know what he left,—it was not a small fortune as those things are reckoned. I was restless under this recital. My conscience pricked me as I recalled an item of forty thousand dollars that I had spent—somewhat grandly—on an expedition that I led, with considerable satisfaction to myself, at least, through the Sudan.

Sister Theresa got money from him to help build a school. How much was that? It was an open account. His books show the advances, but he took no notes. I had struck the right note. He was annoyed at my persistence and his apparent discomfort pleased me. He was for ever making gifts to churches. Schools and theological seminaries were a sort of weakness with him. You flatter my judgment, Pickering.

The loose stuff there is worth how much? He placed out there what is, I suppose, the finest collection of books relating to architecture to be found in this country. That was his chief hobby, after church affairs, as you may remember, and he rode it hard. But he derived a great deal of satisfaction from his studies. The scheme is eminently Glenarmian!

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And all I get is a worthless house, a hundred acres of land, ten thousand dollars, and a doubtful claim against a Protestant nun who hoodwinked my grandfather into setting up a school for her. Bless your heart, man, so far as my inheritance is concerned it would have been money in my pocket to have stayed in Africa.

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Perhaps my grandfather planted old plate and government bonds just to pique the curiosity of his heirs, successors and assigns. It would be in keeping! I had walked to the window and looked out across the city.

http://fensterstudio.ru/components/tyhizomu/zor-ubicacion-por.php I had never liked his eyes; they were too steady. When a man always meets your gaze tranquilly and readily, it is just as well to be wary of him. We have exhausted the possibilities. I picked up the copy of the will and examined it. It was undoubtedly authentic; it bore the certificate of the clerk of Wabana County, Indiana. The witnesses were Thomas Bates and Arthur Pickering.

Glenarm got Bates, but he had every confidence in him. The man was with him at the end. A picture of my grandfather dying, alone with a servant, while I, his only kinsman, wandered in strange lands, was not one that I could contemplate with much satisfaction. My grandfather had been an odd little figure of a man, who always wore a long black coat and a silk hat, and carried a curious silver-headed staff, and said puzzling things at which everybody was afraid either to laugh or to cry.

He refused to be thanked for favors, though he was generous and helpful and constantly performing kind deeds.

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  • His whimsical philanthropies were often described in the newspapers. He had once given a considerable sum of money to a fashionable church in Boston with the express stipulation, which he safeguarded legally, that if the congregation ever intrusted its spiritual welfare to a minister named Reginald, Harold or Claude, an amount equal to his gift, with interest, should be paid to the Massachusetts Humane Society.


    The thought of him touched me now. I was glad to feel that his money had never been a lure to me; it did not matter whether his estate was great or small, I could, at least, ease my conscience by obeying the behest of the old man whose name I bore, and whose interest in the finer things of life and art had given him an undeniable distinction. He died quite suddenly, and was buried beside his father in the old village cemetery.

    I saw him last early in the summer. I was away from home and did not know of his death until it was all over. Bates came to report it to me, and to sign the necessary papers in probating the will.

    Can one man’s obsession solve the mystery of an ancient structure?

    I was silent after this, looking out toward the sea that had lured me since my earliest dreams of the world that lay beyond it. Do you get my idea? I gave him enough trouble in his life without disappointing him in his grave. He said nothing, but played with his pencil. I had never disliked him so heartily; he was so smug and comfortable. His office breathed the very spirit of prosperity.

    I wished to finish my business and get away. The place is really supposed to be wholesome. Must I do my own victualing? He picked up a single sheet of thin type-written paper and passed it across the table. It was a formal acquiescence in the provisions of the will. Pickering had prepared it in advance of my coming, and this assumption that I would accept the terms irritated me.

    Assumptions as to what I should do under given conditions had always irritated me, and accounted, in a large measure, for my proneness to surprise and disappoint people. Pickering summoned a clerk to witness my signature. His reference to my wanderings angered me again; for here was the point at which I was most sensitive.