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Campos O. Carneiro SAM.

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Carolino EMP. Carvalho FM. Carvalho MCRG. Chaves FM. Coggon D. Occupational medicine at a turning point. Occup Environ Med.

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Costa EA. Dela Coleta JA. Dwyer T. Une conception sociologique des accidents du travail. Engels F. Facchini LA. Faria CAF. Fausto B.

Modernidade e Mediacao de Conflitos by Rafael Mendonca (2013, Paperback)

Trabalho urbano e conflito social: Rio de Janeiro: Difel; Franco AR. Freitas CM. Goldbaum M. Gomes COM. Gomes JR. Gomes Filho J. Hall J. Hennington EA. Kirchhof ALC. Lacaz FAC. LaDou J. In: LaDou J, editor. Itasca: National Safety Council; Lima MCF. Lima C. Machado JMH. Maeno M, Carmo JC. Magaldi C. Marziale MHP. Mattos UAO. Mauro MYC. Fadiga e o trabalho docente de enfermagem. Medina MG. Mendes R. Mendes R, Waissman W.

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In: Mendes R. Patologia do trabalho. Parte 1. Rev Bras Med Trab. Miranda AF. Mocellin L. Moreira MMS. Murolo Filho R. Oliveira MT. Rio de Janeiro: Vozes; Acidentes de trabalho.

RESR - Revista de Economia e Sociologia Rural

Rio de Janeiro: Guanabara-Weissman-Koogan; Possas CA. Ramazzini B. De morbis artificum diatriba , In: Raimundo Estrela R, tradutor. Reis ALPP. Repullo Jr R. Rosen G.

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    Silva DRAD. Silva EP. Silveira AM. David, , Mask, Transformation, and Paradox. Schlettwein Publishing. Chicago, The University of Chicago Press. Paris, Seuil, Bond, W.

    Johnson e S. Walker orgs. Nova Iorque, Academic Press, Revista de antropologia social e cultural, arbitrada por pares. Generation, presence and memory: the Tokoist Church in Angola. Texto integral PDF k Assinalar este documento. European Christianities at the turn of the millennium: an introduction [Texto integral].

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    Newsletter informativa Newsletter do OpenEdition. Auto Mobilities and social identities in Portugal. Becoming an entrepreneur: a diversity of factors, types and pathways. El gender mainstreaming en la academia portuguesa. Employment relations and unions in public administration in Portugal and Spain: from reform to austerity.

    Empowerment labs: gender equality, employability and theatre catalyzing social change. Gender consciousness through applied theatre. Harassment during hazing in a Portuguese public university. In the meantime or the ab use of online accessing during mobility. My trip in my words: subjectivities, time s and mobilities in slow travel blogs. No entretanto ou o ab uso do acesso online em mobilidade. Qualidade de vida no trabalho hospitalar no norte e no sul da Europa.

    Performance assessment and change in the academic profession in Portugal. Quality of work research: a methodological review. Social perceptions of siblings' sexual composition: evidence from Portuguese youth. Studying large organizations and elites: limits and challenges of fieldwork. Swedishness at workplace: a case study of perceived cultural transfers in a Swedish multinational company and in its Portuguese subsidiary. Portuguese - Textbooks / Textbooks & Study Guides: Books

    Teachers' unions and the transformation of employment relations in public education in Portugal. The Portuguese labour movement and industrial democracy: from workplace revolution to a precarious quest for economic justice. The revolution in the public services sector in Portugal: with or without the unions. Causalidade e casualidades. Contornos de um empreendedorismo feminino em Portugal. Applied theatre, gender consciousness and transformative learning. As formas como nos movemos: mobilidades e transportes em Portugal.